Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Shifting Culture

Finally, an end to the endless train journeys we have been experiencing over the last few months.

Now settled in Delhi for a few weeks and about to start a project on child labour in the city and then a music video for The Delhi Sultanate, will have to see how that one goes... Thinking of shooting some of it at a local Akhada (wrestling school).

This is a short blog, a few pictures and a film we put together last week. 'A Shifting Culture'. Just over three minutes on the words of a village elder Yousef Gujjar. We wanted just to look at the way some communities are struggling with the dynamic changes taking place in their environments and their cultures. Children's changing expectations, changing diets and changing values, all within a generation.

One example of this was the corn that's traditionally grown and eaten by the community, or has been for hundreds of years. An indigenous variety, hardy and highly nutritious is now just not available. A combination of changing climate, soil degradation due to chemical use and exhaustion and people's preference to the rather tasteless (in comparison to the corn variety) wheat.

We were told that the corn was old fashioned and wheat needed to be bought, when you buy something you need to have money and having money means you are progressing, personally, socially. 
The film is just about the observations Yousef, an elder from the village of Azbander, Sonmarg, Kashmir, India.

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